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Most Successful careers in Aviation

In the previous blog (Aviation: A Gateway to Success blog’s link), you must have got to know why aviation should be chosen as a career. But there are courses galore in this field. How would you choose the correct one for you? Got stuck here? Don’t worry, just read this blog and you will have a clear idea about the most successful careers in ‘Aviation’?

Here is the list of the courses which you can consider as best courses in the aviation industry:

  1. Aviation Management
  2. Cabin Crew/Air hostess & Ground Staff
  3. Hospitality Management

So, let’s understand them in much detail.

  1. Aviation Management
  • Introduction: Aviation Management is a detailed study of airlines, business related to aerospace.
  • Responsibility: The person is responsible for flight safety, control tower operations, etc.
  • Best Course(s): So, for the above job profiles one can go for Diploma in Aviation.
  • Eligibility: The candidate should get at least 50% in 10+2 exams.
  • Duration: It can be around 6 months – 1 year
  • Job positions: Aircraft dispatcher, Airline executive, air traffic controller officer, airline station manager, airport terminal duty manager, etc.
  • Salary: Average starting salary will be INR 3 – 4 lakhs
  • Additional points: The person needs to be good at communication, must be a critical thinker, also with leadership qualities.


  1. Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess & Ground Staff –

Although aviation management has many different courses, Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess & Ground Staff profile is considered as the best course in it.

  • Introduction: All these are part of aviation management and are the best courses to pursue.
  • Responsibility: Cabin crew & Air Hostess are jointly responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers on board. Ground Staff works at the airport.  
  • Best Course(s): Diploma in Cabin Crew and Ground Staff, Diploma in Air Hostess training.
  • Eligibility: The candidate should get at least 45% – 50% (depending on institutes) in 10+2 exams. And age should be 17-26 years.
  • Duration: For Diploma in Cabin Crew & Ground Staff it is 6 months to 1 year and for Diploma in Air Hostess Training it is 2 years.
  • Salary: Starting average salary for – Air Hostess will be around 5 to 3 lakhs

For cabin crew – 6 to 7 lakhs

For Ground Staff – 3 to 4 lakhs

  • Additional points: For these jobs, the applicant must be patient, shall have good physique and good communication skills.


  1. Hospitality Management
  • Introduction: Hospitality Management is a study of maintaining and knowing about activities of various flying instruments in Aviation.
  • Responsibility: They are responsible for maintaining and certifying the flight worthiness of flying instruments.
  • Best Course(s): Diploma in Aviation Hospitality
  • Eligibility: The candidate should get at least 60% in 10+2 exams.
  • Duration: It can be for 1 year.
  • Job positions: Cabin Crew, Product Manager, Executive Assistant, Chief Technology Officer, Order Management Specialist.
  • Salary: Average starting salary will be INR 5 –30 lakhs
  • Additional points: The person needs to be good at communication, should be enthusiastic and must possess leadership qualities.

The Aviation industry has a wider scope and it has the capability of giving you a fortunate lifestyle. Choosing it as your career will always keep you in demand.  And one will always have innumerable choices in this industry.

One industry, many choices! Which one will you choose?









Aviation: A Gateway to Success

By reading the header you must have got an idea, what the blog is about. But, before starting, do you know what aviation is? Aviation is nothing but using an aircraft and operating all types of activities related to flight. When I ask you about the aviation, the only thing which comes in your mind will be air travel. But if you think properly, it’s a very big industry! Want to know more about it? Keep going!


Aviation has evolved a lot during these years and it has contributed a lot in world’s overall development, but still there are few sectors where it has completely changed the scenario! They are as follows:

  • Foreign Trade

With world being a global village, trade also became very easy due to air travel. It is estimated that international aviation is responsible for 40% of world trade by value!  It provides a worldwide transportation network which is very important for foreign trade in today’s world.

  • Tourism

Although tourism may be a fun factor for you, but actually it has become one of the most important economic activity for every country. It is estimated almost 1.4 billion people travelled beyond its country’s border and 50% of public used air travel! Aviation has really bought a bigger boom in tourism industry.

  • Military

After all those world wars and cold wars, every country for their people’s security keeps on strengthening its military force. Nowadays, having a fighter plane, combat aircrafts have become common for every country. The cheapest fighter jet price of USA costs $40 million! This show how big aviation industry is.

But there are two more aspects of aviation which has benefited the general public and government a lot, they are Economy & Employment! In past few years millions of people have got jobs and economy boosted a lot due to it.

Aviation industry is employer of near about 65.5 million people around the world! And also it contributes approximately $2.7 trillion of world’s GDP, which is nearly equal to Switzerland’s GDP!  It is estimated that, by the year 2036, the industry would rise up to $5.7 trillion and will support 97.8 million jobs.

With such promising figures in future, one can always think of pursuing his/her career in this industry.  The average salary varies from $48,000 to $1, 90,000! Don’t know about the above figures, but the range of salary must have surely made you curious about knowing more about an aviation course.

Aviation management course & Cabin Crew training are two of the good options in this vast industry.  Their brief explanation is as follows:

  • Aviation management course
  1. It includes various numbers of courses like BBA in Business Management, Diploma in Airport Management, Commercial Pilot Training, Diploma in Aviation Hospitality, etc. with different durations and eligibilities.
  2. It is a study of airlines, airports and business related to the aerospace industry.
  3. Job profile – Working for airport security and air traffic control towers
  4. Importance – It helps in understanding the nitty gritty of administration which is responsible in running the aviation industry.


  • Cabin Crew training
  1. Cabin crew is completely responsible for safety and comfort of its passengers.
  2. Cabin crew are the ones who know how to tackle and probably prevent any threat during the flight.
  3. One may be a Purser or In-flight Service Manager, Cabin Services Director or a flight attendant.
  4. The services of cabin crew are the actual face of the company’s work, so it’s a very important job.

It is pretty much sure that an aviation course will surely bring prosperity to your life. Still want to know more about this industry? Stay tuned for more such useful information!







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